My name is [Blank], and my desk is a disaster…

If only there were some sort of magic wand that I could wave and this mess would just be organized. So, as ashamed of my dirty little secret as I am, I think acknowledging it is the first step to recovery. This picture is my area of the office that I share with my honey. His desk: generally clean… a few bits of paper, a pen or two, a stack of CDs and a few receipts from whatever, are the only things on it besides his computer. As you can see from the image here, mine is exactly the opposite. There’s nothing that will fit, that isn’t on this desk. There’s all the stuff from the trunk of my totaled car that’s been here for months (car was wrecked in November), school books, notebooks, papers, bags that I can’t manage to toss, cups and more cups, likely a plate or two (since I eat at my desk more times than not), clothes… you name it. I’ve got it in my little corner. It’s truly a sad state of affairs and I hate it.

However, in my defense, I am extraordinarily busy most of the time and just put things down only to either forget about them, set something else there or just procrastinate until it’s this heap of clutter. Hell, there’s even a book on, get this, ORGANIZATION, on this desk. Between the Buddha and the yoga mat. Sad, I know.

I’ve put this month’s goals into focus in the last few days and I realized that I’ve been really trying (and not doing so well) at tackling my 15 minutes of miracles. Really, those have been lacking and I think I need a new perspective. But given my busy schedule now that I’m back in school, ug… I’ve got to do something about this bloody desk. Even my backpack looks like this inside and I’ve been saying that I’m going to clean it out, but I’ve not found the time. I always manage to find something more important than dumping out the contents of my satchel (which, are a mighty lot of contents), mainly wrappers, receipts and schoolwork, to sort through the stuff I’m hoarding (yes, I said it) and stuff I actually need.

The rest of our home is quite tidy and minimalist, for the most part… I’ve got issues with where to put dirty laundry since we’re severely lacking in storage space and where I’ve decided my clothes can go is less than functional… but that’s another story altogether. Our home is not bare, it’s well furnished, but we just don’t have a lot of clutter to speak of. Just my desk and it makes me not only crazy, but it also makes me feel guilty. As I mentioned before… it’s my dirty little secret.

Anyway, I’ve decided to not focus so hard on the miracles that aren’t happening, but rather to tame the chaos. See, as I’ve also mentioned before, outside chaos is inside chaos. This is one of those little things I picked up along the way and it’s really stuck with me and proven to be absolutely right. Not just in the sense of clutter around the house, but also that in life. For instance, trouble in relationships or at work lead to great feelings of failure, unhappiness, hopelessness, helplessness and ultimately, chaos. So, in my mind if I tackle these sources of chaos, there will be less chaos around me, literally and figuratively. Today is Thursday, therefore, Saturday morning… my mission: Clean my freaking desk.

What other sources of chaos are around? Please add your comments or share your thoughts about clutter and chaos. Thanks for reading!


~ by wendemachete on January 19, 2012.

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