Simple joys

One of my most favorite simple joys in this world, of which there are quite a few, is laundry directly out of the dryer. When I was a kid I’d love doing laundry for this exact reason. I’d go down to my musty and freezing basement only to get my clothes, piping hot, our of our machine and literally dart up two flights of stairs to my bedroom, just so I could toss them on my bed and curl up with them. Strange, I know. But when it’s -awholebunchofdegrees, it’s really amazing.

I still love that feeling, though, I don’t often toss them on my bed and hug the pile… I usually just put them directly on, buttons and rivets burning me and all. I especially love socks all toasty. By the time I get the second one on though, it’s pretty much cold.

I had that experience this morning and I wanted to share it with anyone who might be reading. What are some of your simple joys?

Please add yours to the comment section! I’d love to see what other people find simply amazing. Happy Thursday (Friday if you’re in Asia)!



~ by wendemachete on February 3, 2012.

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