A little lacking and a bit of slacking…

I took a look at my project outline this morning and I realized that I’ve not exactly been doing so well. I’ve been trying to do my 15 minute miracles, and most of the time I manage to get one in a day. Usually talking with my honey or cleaning the kitchen. I’ve really been struggling with the overall premise for these months… being authentic. I know who and what I am, however, I’m having trouble balancing other people’s expectations of me with my authenticity. 

Everyone around me and everyone else, whether or not they know it, have expectations of the others around them. Parents, kids, pets, partners, employers… It’s constant. Finding that place where I can be myself and be what everyone around me wants is much harder than I anticipated. I feel as if I’m constantly letting someone down, me or someone else. But everyday I’m plugging away trying to find that happy/medium where I can live with myself and others want to live with me in their lives.

Here’s a recap of my goals this month and last:

~Right Effort and Right Meditation
Be authentic
Outside chaos is inside chaos: declutter, organize, clean
Practice makes perfect, do it until it’s right: learn a new skill
15 minute miracles: A.M. yoga, meditation P.M. talking, cleaning
Look good, feel good: dress for success
Meditate in a way that works for me: try different techniques



~ by wendemachete on February 6, 2012.

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