The universe is sometimes against us

I have decided that life is not about just seeking happiness and making it to the proverbial finish line, but it’s also a series of tests to see if we’ve learned anything along the way, peppered with randomness and a nice helping of karma.

It’s hard to change old habits, I’m as good an example of this as anyone, but I’ve got to say it’s MUCH harder when you feel like you’re constantly fighting the flow. Every where you go, there’s this invisible force constantly pushing back on you. The harder you fight, the more tired you become. The worst part is that you can clearly SEE your goals and they are just out of reach.

It’s even harder to truly change when you’re stretched thin as it is. In this modern world there are intense pressures: work, school, families, taxes, traffic, bills, uncertainty… and then when you are working towards a goal, having everything imaginable pushing you back from that goal, makes it that much harder. It’s defeating. But what can you do? Give up? Never try in the first place? What would be the point in living, if you’re never striving for anything? You’d be like a stick in the sea… just floating along, never going against the current. How boring would that be?

Seeking and striving for goals is what helps make life worth living, but it’s hard to maintain when it seems that everything in the universe is against you. There’s a lesson in there somewhere, maybe it’s to change your attitude about the experience or tweaking the process, but there’s got to be something to learn from it, right?


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~ by wendemachete on February 17, 2012.

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