The universe and the monkey wrench

I would be lying if I were to say that this week hasn’t been a trying one. It’s been a very difficult few weeks really, but this week has been more nonsense than I have been able to handle, for the most part. When it rains it pours, or so I’m told. However, through it all I’ve had a great support system between my love and my family/ friends. I could not be more thankful to have such amazing people gracing my life on a daily basis.

I often feel that the universe is against me. It’s human to feel as though forces are constantly pressing down on you, right? I mean, I hear of it all the time… But that got me thinking. From the moment of conception, we are surrounded by forces beyond our control, understanding and limitations. We generally adapt to gravity, the environment and other “invisible” forces working with and against us. I think the visible things are the most difficult to adapt to in this life, which is strange to me on a logical level. Other people, traffic, bills and everything in between, that we face regularly are tangible and yet we have such a difficult time dealing with them.

Even with everything seemingly falling apart, being positive throughout the trials and having the support of those around you, is really the only way to not fall into total panic sometimes. I struggle with this aspect of adulthood. When the forces get too strong or continually multiply, it’s difficult to see that the monkey wrench in the spokes of my proverbial bicycle is not going to ruin me. When the universe sends me flying into the dirt, there’s no choice but to dust myself off and keep on peddling. So in the spirit of happiness and positivity, it is not the end of the world when things go badly. It’s an opportunity to grow and figure it out with those in my life. If I’ve learned nothing else, it’s that. Value those around you. Infinitely.

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~ by wendemachete on March 4, 2012.

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