Happiness Hits Home

The postings about my happiness project and most of my school work have recently been derailed. While incredibly stressful and decidedly an unhappy process, buying a home will increase the happiness quotient infinitely, once we get unpacked and fully settled in. Not only have we just moved into our new home a couple weeks ago, but my dad has been visiting from the frosty North this week too. Talk about stuff going on!

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about posts and things that I want to talk about (that hopefully people want to read about), nevertheless. I’m working on some interviews for this and another blog as well as the weather finally getting more predictable (HOT and sunny!) so scooting will commence quite soon too. I’m really excited about the home buying adventure and how that very difficult and trying period of life has now given way to the joys of feeling more secure and rooted not only in life, but even just in my city. As much as a sometimes hate it here for political, social and various other reasons, I do love it here. I feel just that much more invested in making this city better and participating in it. Hell, I’ve even met the neighbors on both sides of me! We’ve been here 2 weeks! There have been houses that I’ve lived in for years and never met ANYONE! So this is a good start. Meeting and knowing those around us helps us feel connected to one another, invested in the safety and happiness of others. I like that feeling. Before, I’d tel the neighbor if a stranger was at their place, but now… that’s Joe’s house. We’ve got to look out for one another. Or when the pups are at the fence freaking out entirely, I know that’s Kicker (the pretty pit bull next door) saying hi. I already feel like part of this street and part of this community. I get to smile and wave at the people on the block when I go out to get the mail. I’ve never really had that. Yes, I’ve previously owned a house and I loved that house, but I knew one neighbor. He was a long haul trucker and his wife didn’t speak a word of English, plus I never saw her outside. This is already the experience that I should have had before. 

As I mentioned before my dad has been visiting. He needed a place to stay that wasn’t a hotel while he was here, and we’ve got the room. We aren’t quite unpacked yet, but it’s been really great having my family share this exciting adventure. I get to share a cup of coffee with him (like I’m doing now) in the mornings and chat before I start my whirlwind day and then when we get home, we do things or just hang out. We even made stuff since he’s been here!

So, yes, the “formal” happiness project has hit a slight snag, the real happiness has only just begun. We’re so excited for this adventure. 🙂


~ by wendemachete on April 5, 2012.

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