Maybe this weight is a gift…

It’s funny how my mp3 player sometimes knows exactly how I’m feeling. During those times, songs play that are 100% perfect.

Lately, I’ve been struggling to feel positive about things as they are. I’m struggling with one class, so much so that it’s unlikely I’ll pass. That, in and of itself is frustrating, but having to take it again… even more so. Generally, I’m keeping it positive but there are issues with not having a job (though, it does free up some time to blog and study for finals, clean the house) and a sick dog doesn’t exactly help out finances any. But THIS SONG from Nada Surf reminds me that A) it’s not so bad and B) and maybe all these struggles I’ve been experiencing is just the stress before profound growth and that maybe there’s a lesson in all this.

“Do It Again”

Well I’d snap to attention
If I thought that you knew the way
I’d open my mouth
If I had something smart to say
I bought a stack of books
I didn’t read a thing
It’s like I’m sitting here
Waiting for birds to sing
Let’s do it again
Come on let’s do it again
Please let’s do it again
The hum of the clock
Is a far-away place
The azalea air holding your face
You’re lying down
And the moon is sideways
From the hot to the cold
It never gets old
I spend all my energy
Staying upright
And I like the masking noise quiet
Of your breathing nearby
I want you lazy science
I want some peace
Are you the future?
Show me the keys
When I accelerate
I remember why it’s good to be alive
Like a twenty-five cent game
Maybe this weight was a gift
Like I had to see what I could lift
I spend all my energy
Walking upright
Thanks to Erdbeerpraline for adding these lyrics.




~ by wendemachete on April 27, 2012.

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