Right Speech-Update

I’ve got about 3 weeks to feel like I’m making progress in my goals this time around.

I have to admit that I’ve been crabby and swearing has been difficult to abstain from, however I’m doing really well at not participating in gossip. I could probably be more complementary, but I’ve definitely been more aware of sharing my positive feelings with those that need them. I’ve also refrained from nagging and chosen my words more carefully, as needed.

One thing that I can’t say that I’m perfecting is my ability to not make myself look stupid. I’m sure that it’s mostly my neurotic self over analyzing every single word I say, since, let’s face it… I care more than I let on about what people think of me. I say something that I think is stupid or sounds much better in my head than how it sounds coming out of my mouth. It’s an unfortunate affliction. Sometimes in conversation, I almost want to bail out as soon as possible because I will ramble or say something dumb and embarrass myself. I’m trying to stop worrying so much about looking dumb, but I’m a perfectionist and that’s a work in progress.

Here’s to making another attempt tomorrow! Cheers!



~ by wendemachete on June 7, 2012.

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