Right Intention

July and August
~Right intention
Live the way I want to live, walk the walk, harmoniously
Temper, temper: whenever I get angry, meditate instead
Let it go, it’s not personal, and even if it is, it’s temporary: karma isn’t always yours
Live in the now, but think of the future: find sources of joy and memories

The above are my goals for the remainder of the summer. If you’ve been following my progress, you can see that the next two months are going to consist of variations of some of the year’s previous goals. I think that all of the goals I’ve set down for myself are quite important, but these are apparently things I knew I’d need more work on about now. I wrote all of my goals for this year in late December. I have not changed or altered them, nor added and subtracted. A few of them I changed the wording, because I wasn’t sure it “flowed” well for other to read. Aside from that, I’m copying and pasting the things I’ve set out to do from a file.

What I find the most interesting about this particular set of goals is that they are possibly the most relevant to my life at this time. It’s actually unbelievable. I know that there are people out there with much heavier things in life affecting them, and I’m not in any way trying to compare my life to those things. But I’ve got a lot of things weighing me down as of late and honing my skills by working on these specific goals will do me some good.

I’m excited to get these goals and growth underway. Here’s to an amazing 60 or so days!


~ by wendemachete on July 2, 2012.

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