The little things

I love the little things, the small hours, and watching the world rise from their slumber. I’m not a fan of waking up earlier and staying up later as a means of extending the hours in my useable day, but there are perks.

I get a secret glimpse into the lives of wandering animals, and how they use our yard as a means of survival, education, and relaxation. They drink out of the kiddie pool set up to keep our dogs cool in the blazing summer heat (not that they’re outside all the much, but a quick dip is always welcomed by our husky/lab). They raise their young and teach them the ways of their species… Kittens, insects, birds… You name it. We don’t get many squirrels or raccoons in this area of the world, so that’s probably for the best. Unfortunately, these little creatures have to learn about dogs too… Just a little later in the morning. 5am belongs to them, these small ones, before the world and the dogs are awake and running.

This is also the time of day I get to enjoy the stillness at home. The animals and husband are still nestled snugly in their beds, until the puppy starts to rustle, all is quiet. The cat and I often exchange pleasantries, but he is less interested once he has food. I get to take a few minutes to look at my to-do list, tidy up the living spaces, read or write something.

Even right now, it’s 6am and the dogs are play/fighting and the cat is doing acrobatics. There is such a narrow window, about 30 minutes, before the day starts. The question is how do I make them count?

Have a wonderful day!




~ by wendemachete on May 21, 2014.

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