Day 3- Gratitude Project

This morning I’m grateful for my level head in times of conflict, confrontation, and emergency. Granted, sometimes there is an initial wave of panic, generally I can overcome the fray and be level. 

My reason for writing this today is because we had a meet up with some people from a car enthusiast group my husband is part of. We had it at a dog park early this morning because it would be too hot later in the day. We have three dogs ourselves, and the car company we are enthusiastic about is really dog friendly. My husband had a bunch of car brand swag to give away, like tennis balls, frisbees, bandanas, and other such things. 

When we got to the park we noticed the large dog area was closed for construction, so we had to go to the small dog section. There was only one dog, besides ours, so I sat with them and our baby while hubby went back to the car to get the swag. I chatted with the lady with the dog. While he was walking back, another family came. They were pleasant, until they weren’t. Their dog had ‘short man syndrome’ and decided to pick a fight with our deaf dog. She wasn’t fighting back, but she was nearing teeth and holding their little pup down. I quickly grabbed her collar as they picked up theirs. We were talking about them. I apologized that she was holding their dog down and they explained he sometimes got aggressive with large dogs. I held my dog’s collar while they walked around and we were cordial. They left soon after with an attitude. Not my problem. Our dog wasn’t aggressive, or even really as forceful as she could have been. She certainly didn’t start it. 

I was holding her when my husband returned, as that couple were leaving with their dog in a huff. Apparently they believed they had the right of way or something. Not my problem. When he got back to the bench we were on, I let her go run around. I did all this while holding our baby. 

A little bit later other dogs came, most of them were nice. However, there was another, much more dramatic altercation between two dogs that weren’t ours. A small dog got tackled by an aggressive dog. It sounded worse than it was, and the man with the small pup was being extremely dramatic. The interaction lasted less than one minute, and by the way he was reacting, you’d think his dog was getting mauled. The owners of the other dog reacted quickly and stopped the situation by holding their dog down until the other guy gathered himself and his dog. However, he couldn’t just leave it as two dogs having politics. He was swearing and insulting the other people, and just generally being an asshole. 

He was taking photos and talking about city ordinances. While holding my baby I stepped in and told him that there was no law about large dogs and the off leash park, so long as they were not aggressive. We had just as much right being there as he did, and that the attitude, language, and drama was unnecessary. Naturally, because he was being shitty, the other guy started getting angry and with a fence between them an argument started. 

My husband stepped in and tried to get the small dog owner to move along so the other people could remove their pet and go home as well. This took entirely too long because the small dog owner just wanted to fight, and the other guy wasn’t going to just let him talk shit. Truthfully, had other people not been there, a fight would have likely happened. 

Unfortunately, dogs just sometimes have politics. They’re individuals just like people and some dogs just don’t get along with other dogs. It’s not other dog’s fault your dog doesn’t like them. It’s just what it is. 

Anyway, this could have been worse, but I believe our level heads and interactions with these people helped diffuse a potentially physical altercation. 

Dog people generally just understand that shit happens and sometimes pets get hurt. I’ve had my fair share of dog politics and my dogs have been on both sides: instigator and victim. But what makes it worse is asshol humans. Adding fuel and fire to an emergency or tense situation is not likely to make things better. Keeping tempers in check is an asset, and today I’m grateful that everyone was able to generally keep their cool. The world has been a violent place lately and we don’t need any more of that right now. Tensions are high and we live in an open carry state. People get shot for less and I’m thankful that there was no violence. 


~ by wendemachete on July 9, 2016.

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