Day 4- Gratitude Project

I am writing this post a day later than I planned because my husband decided that we were going to have a full day without screens. No phones, no internet, no TV, no computers… nothing at all. The reason behind this “day without screens” stemmed from a card game we’ve been playing called “Sneaky Cards”, and there are action cards, interaction cards, and all sorts of other things. But the premise is that it gets you out of your comfort zone, interacting with other people…

So yesterday, I was grateful for the time that my family had together without the distraction of screens. We are so dependent on the computer and phone and tablet and ipod and whatever being attached to us at all times. It was liberating and at the same time a little uncomfortable to go to the store without my cell phone. I was mostly concerned that if I got into trouble, I would have no way of contacting help. I had my baby with me, so that was my main concern. However, we made it to the grocery store unscathed. I am grateful for that.

During the day without screens my husband dug a trench to fill with concrete and then he filled it with concrete after we went to the home improvement store. This is to prevent our Houdini dog from escaping the yard when we aren’t looking. She managed to escape twice in the last few days. I’m grateful she didn’t get far, didn’t get into anything serious, and was caught and quickly put back in the house. He also cleaned out the garage while I watched our little one and went to the grocery store. We had our meals together as a family at the table, instead of on the couch in front of the tv. We listened to music, read books, and just enjoyed our time together. I’m incredibly thankful for these moments.

After dinner, my husband called off the screen-free day. This was a little earlier than the card suggested, but I’m impressed at how long we went without really missing it. However, he was sore and tired, and just wanted to relax on the couch as a family. The baby crawled around the couch and floor while we talked and played with her. We watched an episode of a show we’re watching before we went out to water the garden. Soon after, I went to bed and they went to the park to meet up with some friends. I am grateful that we had such a fulfilling day, followed by me going to bed early. I had to work much earlier than normal today, so I am thankful for the little bit of baby-free rest. She wasn’t ready for bed when I was. I’m thankful that he took her to the park so that she was tired when they arrived home. I was able to nurse her to sleep right away and fall back to sleep myself. I’m grateful for the small things, and the big things.


~ by wendemachete on July 11, 2016.

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