Day 8- Gratitude Project

Some days, finding things to be grateful for is going to be more challenging than others. While I could list the things that are royally sucking the life out of me, I am making the choice to be thankful for my efficiency.

I am a whiz at my job. I usually get my work done with plenty of time to do things like blogging. Some days it’s a challenge, but I have designed my work in such a way that 99% of the time, it’s just a matter of keeping on top of it. I attribute this to efficiency. I love streamlining and making things flow better. I change processes to make them as efficient as possible so that I can worry about other things.

Today has been rather “slow” because earlier this week I was busting ass to make my week less tedious. And here I am, about an hour to go, with nothing work related to do. I’m even caught up on my filing! Yeah! Here’s to you productive work week! I’m grateful for this time to relax before a busy weekend! 🙂


~ by wendemachete on July 15, 2016.

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