Day 12- Gratitude Project

Apparently I forgot to write my gratitude yesterday, again. My days are busy most of the time at work, and when I get home in the evenings, its family time. So, I’m going to try harder to make sure that I write every day.

Anywho, yesterday I was grateful for the opportunity to chat with my new supervisor. We had a conference call with our boss and a couple other higher-ups, but it got pushed back at the last minute. So while we were waiting for the meeting to start, we had a chance to chat. He just started a couple weeks ago and has been getting his feet under him. But having a little while to chat about ourselves and get to know one another was really good. It turns out we have a number of things in common and I foresee a great working relationship.

We both value hard work and are on the same page professionally. He is new to the company, but not the industry, so he has a great deal of knowledge that I can learn from. He also admits that he does not like following up on mundane paperwork, so he will need help with that. As it turns out, I’m good at babysitting and making sure paperwork gets done. Perfect combination.

I am grateful for the ability to get to know my supervisor better, the good conversation we shared, and understanding how each other works. Our chat was fun and productive. Two of my favorite things.


~ by wendemachete on July 20, 2016.

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