Day 23- Gratitude Project

I’m grateful today for time. The time I get to spend with my daughter, who is growing up faster than I can imagine, the time I spend with my husband, especially on weekends, the time I have to relax and enjoy my life, time in general. 

We are living in the safest age in human existence, yet it’s incredibly unpredictable and sometimes frightening. It’s all just time. Time heals wounds, allows political and geographic landscapes to change, and teaches us innumerable lessons in life. 

We have such limited time in this life. Wasting it worrying, fighting, and dividing seems ill conceived. Our time on this planet as a species could also be fleeting, just a mere blip on the radar of eternity. I’m grateful for the moments I have here, however few they may be. 


~ by wendemachete on July 31, 2016.

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