Day 24- Gratitude Project

I’m grateful that life keeps reminding me of my limitations. For example, what I think I can accomplish in a day, is generally vastly more than what I can do in a day. The universe is constantly reminding me that I’m only human and cannot do everything. I’m thankful for this. Life continually throws distractions, roadblocks, and wild goose chases in my path so that I slow down and remember that everything is unfolding just as it’s meant to. 

While I’m racing to an invisible finish line, against faceless opponents, the universe is regulating my pace through direction and misdirection, teaching me lessons along the way. I’m learning to follow my authentic self, and learning to SLOW DOWN. All I want is to get to the end of the race so I can bask in the glory of completion, and so I can move on to the next thing. 

There is no NEXT THING. This is it. This is THE THING. I’m grateful that the universe continually is making sure I understand this. Of course it all goes off the rails pretty regularly. The universe focuses on keeping me on track, but still humble. My gratitude for this knows no bounds. 

An example of this is last year I was contacted by a former supervisor that I did some contract work for. He wanted me to come on board permanently. There were lots of hoops to jump through with my company and with his. However, I felt like something wasn’t right, timing or something. Suddenly, I declined the position. 

I hated my job, but my gut was telling me not to do it. Plans my family was working on fell through, and I was pretty disheartened. I gave up this lucrative job for nothing. I was angry. I ended up staying at my job several more months. We ended up selling our house and buying a new one on the other side of town from my work, and even further from that job I let go. Instead, a job that was MUCH more exciting, far less demanding, and less than 5 miles from our new home basically landed in my lap. I just had to show up for the interview. I took that job and I even make more money than the one I didn’t take. I’m grateful for the universe showing me it wasn’t right. 

I’ve experienced other situations where the universe seemed to conspire against me, only to reveal that my best interest was always at heart. During those times it’s frustrating that I’m not getting my way. I get angry when things don’t work out as I painstakingly planned. I’m grateful that life proves that the universe has bigger plans than I do. I just have to be patient and allow them to unfold. I’m thankful for the lessons of patience. 


~ by wendemachete on August 1, 2016.

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