Day 25- Gratitude Project 

I’m grateful for the small moments with my husband. We get very little time, just the two of us, since becoming parents. I love being a mom, more than I thought possible, but I also sometimes just miss being a person. Being able to sit on the couch with my husband for a few minutes on nights the baby goes to bed without a big production and I’m not exhausted myself, is a rare event. 

We got to share about 20 minutes last night, just chatting and eating a cookie, while watching tv. I had time to load the dishwasher and tidy up the kitchen too. Of course, the baby fussed and realized she was in the bedroom alone and woke up. She almost made it back to sleep, but not quite before she hit her second wind. She did have a 2 hour nap, after all. 

So daddy took her until she started getting sleepy again while I laid down to get a little rest before she came back to bed. I’m grateful that he hung out with her until she was tired again. 

I’m also thankful for her naps on the weekends. It gives us a chance to do things that are difficult to do when she’s awake, like yard work and other chores. We’ve learned to use her naps to get things done, reconnect, and relax. I’m grateful for these lessons in time management and adulting. 

As our baby gets older, we will have more time to ourselves I’m sure, but until then, I’m pleased that we get them occasionally. Nothing can bring back our childless days feelings, or even our single days feelings, but it’s nice to get a few moments every once in a while of quiet and rest. I’m grateful. 


~ by wendemachete on August 2, 2016.

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