Day 27- Gratitude Project 

I’m grateful for my mom today. Like many moms, she has stuck by me, even if she didn’t agree with me. But beyond that, she and my grandma taught me everything I know about hard work, dedication, selflessness, and most of all, family. Both of them are/ were the hardest working people I’ve ever known. My grandma passed away when I was a teenager, but she taught my mom everything, so my mother is a direct reflection of her in my eyes. 

Yes, my mom has plenty of shortcomings that make me crazy, but even though the world has been on a personal mission to beat her down, she’s never lost her ability to dream big. Sometimes, too big, but I digress. 

Mom is a hopeless romantic, even if men have treated her terribly. She’s made it her life mission to escape her childhood and become a Ph.D. By the end of this year, she will achieve that goal. She has taught me that even if the chips are down, never give up, and keep working hard. 

Because we were poor growing up, she taught me how to budget, live on little, appreciate what I have, and to be resourceful. She also taught me everything about being a fiercely independent woman in a world where fierce women are not appreciated as they should be. I can do anything, simply because my mom never let me forget it, and never ever gave up on me. 

Throughout my life, she’s been my biggest advocate. She sat in 18 degree weather, outside mind you, to watch me play roller derby. She missed one bout (the word for game), in the 9 years I was playing.  When I was in high school and I was being tortured, she was there, standing up to the administration because they stood by the perpetrators. She lied to my guidance counselor so I could graduate from that godawful place early, because dropping out was not an option. I’m grateful she pushed me toward getting an education, even though it hasn’t exactly panned out the way I want. 

She’s pushed me to be the very best person I can be, someone whom my grandma would be proud of. She never lets me forget how much she loved me, and reminds me all the time that she would be so happy with the woman I’ve become. I’m grateful that she never lets me forget her. 

I’m grateful for all the challenges in my young life, as they prepared me for adulthood quite well. I’m grateful that my mom was there, showing me how to be a productive member of society, but never losing the ability to dream big. My grounded, responsible nature sometimes thinks she’s batshit crazy, but I guess we all need that in our lives too. I’m thankful for that. I’m thankful for my mom and her guidance. Plus, now that I’m an adult, we can hang out and have drinks together and talk about everything and nothing. As we get older, the more like her I think I become, and the more like longtime friends we can be. I’m thankful for that too. 


~ by wendemachete on August 4, 2016.

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