Day 31 and 32- Gratitude Project

So, I was sidetracked yesterday with family and errands yesterday. I missed my post, but I’m making up for it now.

I’m grateful for the ability to run errands. We have a vehicle that works most of the time, even though it’s incredibly finicky. I have a job to pay for the car and it gets me to that job every day. It’s a safe car that keeps my family safe when we’re riding in it and I have to say it’s pretty fun to drive. I love the brand of car we have (Subaru, for those that are wondering), and will not likely own a different brand. I trust them with not only my life, but also the lives of my friends and family; my most precious cargo.

I’ve got the time to devote to things other than work, such as spending time with family and friends, because I only work one job at the moment. I use this “spare time” to run errands, like grocery shopping and taking pets to the vet. I’m grateful for this ability.

I’m also thankful for the fact that my husband is able to stay home with our daughter. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but it needs to be mentioned again. Last night was very challenging sleeping. She woke up every 30-60 minutes from about 9pm until 6am. I was up with her during those hours so she could get the attention she obviously craved from me. But the highlights of my day are getting phone calls from my husband on speakerphone, with her cooing and chattering on his lap. They call me when she wakes up in the mornings, and often when she gets up from her naps. It makes my day. If she were in daycare, not only would she be being raised by strangers, but I wouldn’t get to “talk” to her several times a day. I’m grateful for these moments, since she is growing up so fast, this time is fleeting. I’m also grateful for the cost savings of him being home and in school, rather than trying to eke out a living while paying the outrageous costs of childcare. I’m grateful for his willingness to be a stay-at-home-dad/ student.

My heart is full today, as is my caffeine level. I’m grateful and so very fortunate to live this challenging, fantastic life.


~ by wendemachete on August 8, 2016.

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