Day 35- Gratitude Project 

I’m grateful for adventuring spirits. I am so fortunate to have surrounded myself with friends and family that love adventures. I’m a traveler, people watcher, and all around adventurer. My husband and I share the love of going places, albeit for different reasons. My bestie and I could easily spend an entire day watching the world walk by sitting on a bench. I’m pretty sure we’ve basically done just that more than I can count. My mom loves going places too. It’s great to have people to wanderlust with. Now, if I could only shake my need for the ocean that only gets worse the longer I’m away, I might be able to concentrate. 😊

Anyway, I’m thankful for adventures and adventure planning. It calms my brain, and I’m glad I have people that want to do it with me. 


~ by wendemachete on August 11, 2016.

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