Day 36-Gratitude Project

Today, I’m truly grateful for a good laugh. Everyone in my office and in my personal life has seemingly had a challenging week. This morning was filled with funk music, 90s R&B, karaoke, dancing and laughter. It was a great pick-me-up to an otherwise slogging day. Everyone was smiling and joking for most of the rest of the day and the cherry on top was a Buzzfeed article of 27 photos to warm your cold dead heart- or something to that effect. They were all HILARIOUS, but one of them had me absolutely dying. I was laughing so hard my coworkers were looking at me like I was nuts. The photo was of a small girl, around 3-4 years old; three of them side-by-side. The text accompanying it was of an aunt who was surprised to find out that her niece was attached to a plastic owl; the one you find on houses to scare off birds, instead of something the average child would have- a blanket or something. Apparently the owl was her thing that she took everywhere. She even sleeps with it! This will be my kid in no time. I’m sure of it. She’s always doing weird kid stuff… I love it. But I loved the article and it was certainly a great way to get me through the final hour or my work day. I’m thankful we can go out with a smile today.


~ by wendemachete on August 12, 2016.

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