The 10- Day Mental Challenge has started today!

As I mentioned yesterday, I was embarking on a new project to happiness and self-improvement. Thanks to none other than Mr. Tony Robbins and his blog found HERE, as well as the audio book I checked out at the public library that I listened to in the car on my way to and from work. The audiobook inspired me to find the plan that he has laid out for the 10-day mental challenge. I loved the way that he framed it and I know I will find it valuable.

The goal is to replace negative thinking with positive and to bring down the intensity of negative situations/feelings, while INCREASING the intensity of the positive ones.  However, the kicker is this: IF I MISSTEP, I MUST START ALL OVER. Yes, you read that right. I have to start over until I can go the whole 10 consecutive days without letting the negative creep up and into my vocabulary.

Not only that, but I’ve got to literally and figuratively replace the negative and intense feelings with the positive and intense feelings. So for the words I use to describe the negative, I’m going to replace them with something else, and with lower intensity. And for the positive words I use, I’m going to ramp up the intensity from a 4, to a 10.

Also as part of this, I’m taking it a step further: I’m going to stop saying the words in step 2. You read that correctly- I’m going to stop saying them today. Now. This is where the real challenge lies for me. I use the F-Word like a comma, but for 10 (let’s be real honest here… I’m going to be trying to complete this task a LOOOOOONG time) consecutive days, I’m going to stop it. I need to lower the intensity of my usual language for the negatives and increase the intensity for the good things.

Step 1: List the words I use most often to describe negative feelings:

-Worry- to be replaced with uncertain

-Pissed- to be replaced with frustrated

-Angry- to be replaced with bummed

-Stress- to be replaced with a little overwhelmed

Step 2: List 3 words that I regularly use to intensify these negative feelings:

-Fucking… as in, Fucking pissed or Fucking furious.

-Kill… as in, I’m going to kill the dog for eating my stuff or I’m going to kill the neighbor for being so annoying.

-Bullshit… as in this is BULLSHIT (followed by tirade)

Step 3: List 3 words that I regularly use to describe positive feelings/ situations:

-Fun- to be replaced with exciting

-Good- to be replaced with wonderful

-Happy- to be replaced by ecstatic

Step 4: Leverage:

My leverage is this blog and my bestie, she can be found HERE. She the only person I trust to kick me in the pants when I’m screwing up, but not also fight with when she calls me out.

The words, both positive and negative, will be written down and carried with me on the back of my phone so that I may refer back to them when I need them and so they are always nearby.

Wish me luck readers. I’m nervous but excited about this endeavor, and I can’t wait to share the results.


~ by wendemachete on August 17, 2016.

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