F*cks be damned. 

So did I mention I literally can’t go an entire day without saying the F-word? Today is no different. However, I think I need to revise my rules again. Not just so I can complete this task in front of me, although getting past day one would be nice; but instead to be more precise in my expectations and what I’ll be held accountable to. 

Since I use that particular word like a comma (no, really), I have decided I’m only not allowed to use it negatively. I mean, that’s what this is about: rewiring my everyday habits to raise my vibration to the more intensely positive, isn’t it? 

I’m going to still try and refrain from using the word generally, in hopes of expanding my vocabulary, but if something is super great sometimes a “Fuck yes!!!” will be the only appropriate response. I’m not trying to limit myself, and not using F in a positive situation would be limiting. 

Nevertheless, specifics aside, I’m still on day one. In every other aspect, I’m feeling successful. The words I typically use in negative situations are easily replaced by lower intensity words. This has helped gently bring down the negatives, allowing me to feel more positive about situations that would normally have a greater  negative impact on my mood, or worse, escillate the situation further negatively. 

Further, telling people I’m having a wonderful day, rather than a good day just feels good. I like feeling wonderful. I like being ecstatic about things. I enjoy having an exciting time, rather than just a fun one. These are all fantastic things to feel and I’m grateful that I get to feel them whenever I want. This part of my assignment I’m feeling good about. I like. Now, if I could just stop cussing when I’m upset. 

More to come. Thanks for reading!


~ by wendemachete on August 22, 2016.

4 Responses to “F*cks be damned. ”

  1. I’m guilty of dropping the F-bomb on a daily (hourly) basis also! lol

    • I’ve read several articles that say swearing is a sign of intelligence, but really, nothing has as much emphasis as dropping an F-word. Lol

      • Haha so true! The F-word is like the ultimate emphasizer…I loved reading this post. By the way, I’ve read some of those same articles regarding intelligence & swearing: I’ve concluded it must true 😉 lol

      • Yes! I say since we’ve both read it, it’s definitely true. And I’m glad you like the post! I love writing them. 🙂

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