I blame Tony

Ok, so I don’t blame him exactly. But rather, I blame him for being such an inspiring guy and leading me to believe that if he can do it, I can too. I know I can change things about myself. I’ve successfully done that many times in my quest for becoming the best human I can be (striving for perfection really).

However, my quest for perfection and this challenge do not like one another very much. I’ve gone three days now without really breaking my rules. However, THINKING has been my downfall. I may not say the F-word out loud, but you better believe I’m cussing up a storm in my head. I’m working on it. Progress. But it’s not perfect and it’s making me crazy. Lol

Going to keep at it tomorrow. Heading into day 4! Woooo!


~ by wendemachete on August 25, 2016.

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