Stay in your own lane

I was touching base last night with the bestie about our progress and any challenges we might be experiencing with this 10 day challenge. Aside from my inability to go without saying the F-word for an entire day, things for me have been going really well. She’s having much fewer challenges than I am, but she’s not married. 😉

One thing she mentioned while we were chatting is that it’s become easier to spot the negative people. I hadn’t really thought about it, but now that I have, it’s absolutely true. Not only are they easier to pick out of the noise in daily life, but I’ve got a total aversion to being around them. I’ve been fully utilizing the Facebook features “unfollow” and “remove notifications” because honestly, I’m just so tired of seeing negative people being negative and constantly posting negative and divisive crap online. I’ve been guilty of this myself, but I’m being a lot more conscious of what I’m posting and reposting. I’m not saying that people are not free to post whatever they want on their profiles. Not even a little bit am I insinuating that people censor themselves, certainly not for me. But I’m making the daily decision to not follow negativity. I’m far too sensitive to things around me to be bombarded all the time with these posts and images.

I will say that I’m also biting my tongue more online. I know that my opinions are not that important and I just don’t care to argue online with total strangers, or worse, my friends, about things that don’t actually matter. I’m going to go on about my life and very little of what I do influences other people. I’m not trying to “change” anyone but me. If other people are moved to make changes in their own lives, great, I’m happy to help. However, I’m not in the market for trying to force people to do anything. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t positions that I’m extremely passionate about, because there surely are. I just don’t feel like it’s my role to force people into changes that they aren’t ready for. They will change when they are ready. I’m staying in my lane and focusing on the positive future in front of me. That’s all I can do. I’m learning my limitations and how to be patient. It’s a slow process, but it might finally be sinking in. Shout out to my girl for being the catalyst to this thought process. I heart your face.


~ by wendemachete on August 25, 2016.

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