Patience and Pitfalls

So, yesterday was pretty much the day that started beautifully, full of energy and positivity, but spiraled out of control with a quickness. I will say that I was more upset than maybe I should have been, but nevertheless, I was struck with very unpleasant information and I had a hard time handling. I managed not to cuss, but I was on the verge of tears for a bit. I learned some things though.

  1. I was reminded that the universe is unfolding just as it’s meant to. I must be patient to receive all that’s in store for my life. That doesn’t mean I get to sit on my ass doing nothing, but good things are coming. Even if I think it’s 100% stupid and to quote Veruca Salt “I want it now”.
  2. Tony Robbins is right, yet again. A woman I work with is literally a week older than I am and we have an incredible amount of things in common. It’s truly uncanny. However, she has had some truly awful things happen to her recently, but she is still as positive and chipper as ever I’ve seen her. Tony Robbins says repeatedly that if you find someone who has what you want, model them. So yesterday, when I was feeling particularly low, I asked her how she stays so damned positive even when the walls are truly caving in. We had a wonderful talk about meditation, breathing exercises, books to read, and mindfulness. Not only did I find out how much we had in common, but I also learned how to better handle my emotions and gathered some food for thought. I feel blessed to have mustered the courage to ask her.
  3. Even if an opportunity is in front of you, it may not be FOR you. Without getting into too much detail, I was basically shot down for an opportunity at my company. Granted, I wasn’t likely to be the “perfect” person for it, I was a contender. However, I’m lacking in an area that isn’t a huge deal to most of us, but is to the higher-ups, for some crazy reason. Not only that, but I could have grown into the perfect person, plus really challenged myself. I made the mistake of telling my bosses that I’m bored doing my job because I’m just too fast at it. So, instead of giving me the green-light for moving up in the world, they handed me more work. Talk about backfire. However, one of my bosses and I had a heart-to-heart later in the day when I was kind of at my pinnacle of frustration and he managed to talk me down. In a way I felt worse, but in general I felt better. I’m thankful for that. This just gives me more motivation to focus on bigger things, because it’s obvious that this is not for me in the long term. I’m not one to sit and do the same job day after day for decades. I want more knowledge, more challenges, and more growth as an employee and as a person. I said my piece to my bosses, and now I must work forward on my own.Ultimately, I’m grateful for that too.
  4. Even after a shit day, I can smile. This is probably the most important thing that I learned yesterday. I was genuinely smiling and positive after I left work, and while there were some points that were not how I wanted them when dealing with other people, I was able to smile and be joyful. I’m truly grateful for that.

Overall, I need to be more patient with myself, with other people, and with the universe. Things are happening that are positive, and the universe is not conspiring with other forces against me. Things are wonderful and I am ecstatic about them


~ by wendemachete on August 27, 2016.

4 Responses to “Patience and Pitfalls”

  1. I have only just come across your blog and I love it. I can especially relate to this post. I am following your blog so that I can read more.

    • Thanks so much for the note katiereablog! I appreciate the encouragement and I’m truly glad you liked the post. Please feel free to comment on the posts and let me know what you think about certain topics, or things that you’d like to see more of! I’m always open to feedback. Thanks again! You made my day!

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