The F*ck it Project

I have a coworker that lovingly said to me the other day that I’m like the twin she ate in the womb. I took that as we are weirdly similar. And we are. We share many similar experiences and as it turns out, know some of the same people. Our birthdays are even within a week of one another. It’s strange how much in common we have. But I digress. 

We were eating lunch together yesterday, which is fairly uncommon. I’m usually tethered to my desk or her to hers. But during our lunch, she was talking about her week and last weekend and some things that came up. We’ve both been experiencing stress from a variety of sources regarding things that are either A) completely out of our control or B) really not that important when it comes down to it. So she proposed a fuck it project. 

The idea is this: whenever we are feeling stress, anxiety, apprehension, or just a general lack of enjoyment in a situation that comes up, we will say fuck it, and do what we want or at least remove the attachment to the outcome. This is a very Buddhist approach and I immediately said yes. 

Surely we can’t do this type of thing at work, righ? Wrong. We are both still expected to perform our jobs pretty much flawlessly. We each have very demanding positions that require a lot of patience and dedication. We don’t do the same functions at our office, but they’re equally important. Because of the importance we are often overloaded, overworked, and simply over it. So instead of stressing out over a project or expectation, we are going to say fuck it, and remember that we are only human and that we can only do so much. We will not be guilted, harassed, or otherwise by ourselves or our bosses. Instead, fuck it. We will do our best, and that’s what will happen. 

We are doing this just for a week to see how we feel about it. But we will reconvene next week about the results. We will also hold each other accountable throughout the experience, since our work stations are very close together and we can see each other all day. I’m excited and a little nervous, since we both have the tendency to bear the weight of the world. But it’s heavy and I’m sick of carrying it. So fuck it. 


~ by wendemachete on October 26, 2016.

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